Our Approach

Scientific curiosity is very important to us. We enjoy having a diverse group where everyone has a desire to learn while contributing to the scientific knowledge base.

Our Story

Markus Chmielus, PhD began working at the University of Pittsburgh in 2013. Jakub joined the group as the first graduate student, then Amir and Erica. Katerina is our most recent addition, and Amir graduated with his PhD. Many undergraduates have worked in the group as well, contributing in invaluable ways!

Meet the Group

We believe in useful collaboration, hard work, and a healthy amount of fun.
Our group consists of both graduate and undergraduate students. For position opportunity availability, email!

Markus Chmielus

Principle Investigator

Erica Stevens

PhD Student

Aaron headshot

Aaron Acierno

Undergraduate - Senior

Kelsey Shields

Undergraduate - Sophomore


Jakub Toman

PhD Candidate


Katerina Kimes

PhD Student


Rafael Rodriguez

Undergraduate - Junior


Pierangeli Rodriguez

Undergraduate - Sophomore


Bethany Brubeck

Undergraduate - Sophomore


Xingjian Chen (Dagger)

Undergraduate - Junior

Chmielus Lab Alumni

Amir Mostafaei, PhD - now a postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University

Maxwell McIntyre, MS

Colleen Hilla

Samantha Schloder

Eamonn Hughes

Taylor Russo

Eli Sullivan

Yuval Krimer - now at Carnegie Mellon University

Shannon Biery - now at Honeywell Aerospace

Meredith Meyer - graduated with a BS in Bioengineering from Pitt

Raymond Mattioli - interned with Westinghouse, BS in Mechanical Engineering from Pitt