On November 15, 2018, members of the Chmielus Lab attended and participated in the November meeting of the ASM Pittsburgh Chapter in Benedum Hall at the University of Pittsburgh. PhD student Erica Stevens gave an introduction to magnetic refrigeration, magnetocaloric materials, and her work on additive manufacturing of magnetocaloric Ni-Mn-Cu-Ga. PhD student Katerina Kimes and Dr. Markus Chmielus were organizers for the event. Several others who work in the Chmielus Lab and are part of Material Advantage were also in attendance: Jakub Toman (PhD candidate), and Aaron Acierno (graduating senior).

Prior to the meeting, Drs. Markus Chmielus and Susheng Tan led tours of the ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (AMRL) and the Peterson Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering Nanofabrication and Characterization Facility (NFCF), where participants saw various additive manufacturing and characterization capabilities of the University of Pittsburgh.


The meeting announcement can be found here.


From left: Nate Eisinger (ASM Pittsburgh Chairman), Prof. Markus Chmielus (ASM Pittsburgh Secretary), Erica Stevens, Prof. Jörg Wiezorek, Piyamanee Komolwit (Vice Chairman, ASM Pittsburgh)