Engineering Solutions for Healthcare

Battelle Builds Mask Decontamination Systems

Pitt Engineers Contribute

Pitt engineers contribute their expertise and supplies to help out during this crisis. March 29, 2020.
Dr. Chmielus helped to design a simple DIY face shield! March 24, 2020


Disinfecting with UV Light isn't Infinite

UV light can be used to disinfect some N95 masks, but this process is not without loss!


"Pitt Sanitizer"

Pitt engineers make "Pitt Sanitizer" with a batch reactor. March 25, 2020



DIY Face Shield

Battelle's mask decontamination process was approved by the FDA. March 28, 2020.


3DP and Coronavirus

A check-in about 3DP helping out during the global pandemic. March 31, 2020.


Considerations for 3DP PPE

Ask the right questions when considering 3D printed PPE. March 26, 2020


Low-Cost, Open-Source Respirators

Researchers are refining a low-cost, easily-manufactured respirator design.


Sewing Supplementary Masks

Pittsburgh seamstresses make supplementary face masks. March 24, 2020