At ASM Young Members Night on February 21st, the Chmielus group helped to plan, participated with posters and took home some prizes!

Planning Committee:
– Emma Dickinson

Submitted Posters:
– Katerina Kimes (graduate)
– Jakub Toman (graduate)
– Erica Stevens (graduate)
– Rafael Rodriguez (undergraduate)
– Pierangeli Rodriguez (undergraduate)

Poster Prizes:
– Erica Stevens (2nd place, graduate)
– Rafael Rodriguez (3rd place, undergraduate)
– Pierangeli Rodriguez (2nd place, undergraduate)

Outstanding Student Awards:
– Rafael Rodriguez (Outstanding Senior)
– Pierangeli Rodriguez (Outstanding Junior)
– Emma Dickinson (Outstanding Sophomore)

Left to right: Emma Dickinson, Pierangeli Rodriguez, Katerina Kimes, Rafael Rodriguez, Erica Stevens, Jakub Toman, Ruby Jiang