ASM Young Members Night

ASM Young Members Night

At ASM Young Members Night on February 21st, the Chmielus group helped to plan, participated with posters and took home some prizes!

Planning Committee:
– Emma Dickinson

Submitted Posters:
– Katerina Kimes (graduate)
– Jakub Toman (graduate)
– Erica Stevens (graduate)
– Rafael Rodriguez (undergraduate)
– Pierangeli Rodriguez (undergraduate)

Poster Prizes:
– Erica Stevens (2nd place, graduate)
– Rafael Rodriguez (3rd place, undergraduate)
– Pierangeli Rodriguez (2nd place, undergraduate)

Outstanding Student Awards:
– Rafael Rodriguez (Outstanding Senior)
– Pierangeli Rodriguez (Outstanding Junior)
– Emma Dickinson (Outstanding Sophomore)

Left to right: Emma Dickinson, Pierangeli Rodriguez, Katerina Kimes, Rafael Rodriguez, Erica Stevens, Jakub Toman, Ruby Jiang

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